Eric Grant                            Psychic / Mentalist




Eric's background as a  psychic is unconventional, to say the least.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement and Corrections.  It was while serving as a police officer for several years that he honed his intuitive skills to a high degree and discovered the unusual nature of our world.

He has conducted in-depth studies into subjects such a remote viewing, hypnosis and telepathy.  Today he uses the knowledge that he gained from his investigations to enlighten individuals and entertain/fascinate audiences.  Because of Eric's unusual abilities and the fact that he resides in Pennsylvania, he is known as The Keystone Shaman.

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Scenic view of the Devil's Den from the Gettysburg battlefield, one of the most haunted places on the planet and as Eric can confirm, a hotbed of psychic activity.

(Photo:  Eric Grant)