grant HaRNE

​Psychic Consultant

A private session with Grant is conducted in an easy, laid back manner and focuses on the client's past, present and future.  Grant knows each life is unique and that the information provided by the cards provides that person with an opportunity to use that knowledge to their benefit.

Regarding Personal Sessions:

  • Grant is willing to do face-to-face Tarot card consultations, provided they are within a reasonable travel radius from his residence in central Pennsylvania.  If you would prefer this type of reading, fill out the contact form and Grant will follow-up with you regarding the possibility of such a reading.
  • Most of Grant's private readings are conducted by phone.  Each consultation lasts 30 minutes.  Consultations are not available to anyone under 18 years of age.  Grant will only schedule phone sessions for individuals residing within the continental United States.  To schedule a phone session with Grant, please fill out the contact form and he will call contact you regarding a specific day and time for your personal reading.

Terms of Agreement:

  1. A client's privacy is always respected and within the limits of the law, Grant will not reveal any information about you or your consultations to any individual, business or government entity.
  2. Grant is not a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, etc. and his consultations should NEVER be used as substitutes for specialized counsel.  Consultations with Grant are for entertainment purposes only.
  3. Grant does his best to provide the client with the best advice based on Tarot output for your interpretation and reflection.  However, your decisions are your own and no results are guaranteed.  Grant is not responsible for damages of any sort.