Dreamcloud Mattress Pricing and Hybrid Mattress Cooling


Hybrid Mattress Cooling

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The Dreamcloud mattress is a hand tufted mattress with springs and foam making it a luxury hybrid that breaks the mold. Some highlights of this mattress aside from this tufting are stitched handles along the side, a cost of $ 1,399 for a queen size and flax yarns and cashmere blend. Normally to get all these features you may expect to pay north of $5,000. Hybrid Mattress Cooling

To top it off Dreamcould offers a 365 night trial period where if at any point that you would like to return it, then Dreamcloud will pick it up at your house at no cost. No need to put it back into the box or pay return shipping. After your year trial period expired, you are protected by Dreamcloud’s”Everlong Warranty” that is one of the most powerful in the industry. Under this guarantee, they could come if need be, clean your mattress.


Review of the Dreamcloud Mattress

Because Dreamcloud comes compressed in a box,  that does not mean it’s any less quality than other luxury hybrid memory foam mattress. New pocket coil technologies allows and the savings are passed directly to the consumer.

The mattress comes. It keeps the mattress.


How Much Does a Dreamcloud ?

Here are the prices of this Dreamcloud mattress. These costs include the 365 night trial period code Sherpa200

: $999
Queen: $1,199
King: $1,299
Cal King: $1,299
it’s possible to pay for the mattress in total or you could now fund it through Affirm.


How much does the Dreamcloud Mattress Weigh?

The Dreamcloud is a heftier mattress that’s a fantastic indicator of quality. Below are the measurements and weights for each size.

TWIN 39″ x 75″ x 15″ and 55 lbs
TWIN XL 39″ x 80″ x 15″ plus 68 pounds
FULL 54″ x 75″ x 15″ plus 88 lbs
QUEEN 60″ x 80″ x 15″ plus 94 lbs
KING 76″ x 80″ x 15″ and 109 lbs
CAL KING 72″ x 84″ x 15″ and 109 pounds


Construction of this Dreamcloud Mattress


Below are details of this mattress|the mattress’ construction details} as recorded on their website. It’s well worth going through since construction and these materials are found among some of the luxury brands in the business although it’s a lot of information. With the Dreamcloud, you do not have to pay luxury mattress prices.

TRUETUFTED�”� CASHMERE BLEND TOP Dream your Very Best life! DreamCloud’s Cashmere mix cover is resistant to bedbugs and provides , superior softness that is unmatched breathability.


Welcome ! Contouring support that conforms to your body, DreamCloud’s gel-infused foam is cooling and supportive.


Particular to DreamCloud and designed with lullabies in mind, resting on DreamCloud’s quilted foam is like lying on clouds.

SUPREME NATURAL LATEX DreamCloud’s watertight super premium natural latex coating provides a cushioning bounce for extra give and extra contouring.

DREAMPLUSH SUPPORTING MEMORY FOAM Luxurious high density memory foam offers deep contouring support and also the best of all possible dreamworlds. Hybrid Mattress Cooling

SUPER DENSE SUPER SOFT MEMORY FOAM DreamCloud’s Super dense foam keeps your spine in alignment and cradles your spine no matter what sleep position you want.
PATENT-PENDING “BESTREST” COILSA five-zoned foam pocketed miniature spiral compression system provides unmatched dream support from head to toe.
HIGH DENSITY SUPER SOFT MEMORY FOAM Do not simply go to sleep, visit DreamCloud. DreamCloud’s High density foundation foam cradles you and keeps your spine.


My Dreamcloud Bed Findings

This mattress feels fantastic. It is a hybrid mattress which means foam and springs but it is so much more. Every coating contributes to the general feel. What you will first see when opening it is the cashmere that is soft and smooth mix cover. The tufting on the mattress is not just for looks. It will help maintain the material in place and dampens movement transfer. It also makes the mattress resemble a puffy cloud.

You will also notice other quality details such as handles. This maks it effortless to maneuver and easy to rotate.

This mattress feels plush and supportive. This is really hard to reach but I believe Dreamcloud pulled off it by quilting foam to the top layer and then adding a layer of springs and latex underneath. This allows you to sink somewhat before being raised from the latex and spring system.

Here’s a picture that illustrates how much my 14 pounds. Bowling ball sinks to the mattress.

Dreamcloud includes a movie below that shows the way the mattress responds. Hybrid Mattress Cooling

Following is a video illustrating movement transfer together with my Sleep Sherpa bowling balls.


What is the Dreamcloud Everlong Warranty?

Below are the highlights of this guarantee as according to their website”


  1. For the first 10 years of ownership, we will replace your mattress with a new DreamCloud at absolutely no charge to you if defective in workmanship and materials. In years 10 DreamCloud will completely repair and re-cover your own DreamCloud, or replace your DreamCloud. All transportation fees will be waived if a manufacturing defect(s) or a materials failure is confirmed to exist.
  2. Your mattress must be utilized on an appropriate foundation like a platform bed or other suitable bed frame.
  3. The guarantee applies only provided that the original proprietor of the DreamCloud mattress possesses the DreamCloud.
  4. The warranty doesn’t apply if mattress was burned or otherwise abused, damaged, misused, or neglected.
  5. In order to give the most optimum sleeping surface the DreamCloud mattress comprises only the best quality materials. As your mattress adjusts to your body contour as with sleep goods, particular adaptations will occur. This can be part of the operation of your mattress and is to be expected. Normal body opinions (not greater than 1.5″) aren’t defects and aren’t covered by the warranty. Excessive body opinions of greater than 1.5″ are covered by the Everlong Warranty, nicely, Everlong.


My Dreamcloud Mattress Recommendation


The Dreamcloud is hands down one of the best values out there to get a mattress. I have not find a mattress that is made better than the Dreamcloud at this price point. I suggest the Dreamcloud to people that want a conventional mattress texture latex together with the tried and true advantages of tufting that just a luxury mattress may provide and will all of the benefits of production foams. Hybrid Mattress Cooling

In terms of firmness, I’d say its about a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. If you want a mattress with foam coatings which recovers quickly, is breathable and contours well, this could be the perfect mattress for you.

People trying to find a firm mattress or even a foam feel mattress is going to want to appear elsewhere.

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